The charming Jagannath Temple of Puthia in Bangladesh

Puthia is a culturally rich sub-district (Upazila) of the Rajshahi District in Bangladesh. The largest number of historically significant Hindu structures in Bangladesh is found in Puthia. Many of these structures are well preserved and Puthia is an interesting area for tourists to explore and gain insight into the history and culture of Bangladesh. A charming small temple to visit here is the Jagannath temple, also known as the Roth temple.

This Bangla-style miniature temple known as the Jagannath Temple is situated adjacent to the large Bhubaneshwar Shiva Temple overlooking the big pond named Shiv Sagar. It is built out of brick, resembling the shape of a Bengali bamboo hut, with a single tapering tower.

The charming Jagannath Temple of Puthia in Bangladesh

The Jagannath temple of Puthia measures only 5m (16ft) on each side. The single tapering tower rises to a height of 10m (33ft). Its western facade is adorned with terracotta panels of geometric design. The temple is octagonal in design and has a corridor surrounding it with 8 pillars.

The charming Jagannath temple of Puthia viewed from the adjacent Shiva temple.

There are two entrances on the north and east sides to enter the temple. The entrances have nice decorations on basalt stone frames. This temple is believed to be built by Rani Bhubanmoyi Debi in 1830 AD. It is currently abandoned. Check out here to know more about Puthia and its amazing structures: Puthia Temple Complex: A village full of historic Hindu temples in Bangladesh

The single tapering tower of Jagannath temple in Puthia, Bangladesh.

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