Diary of my first 03 weeks trip to Bangladesh (Part – I)

On a long-haul flight to Asia seated at a window seat, I saw a strange odd area of land. The onboard map showed it as was on the India-Bangladesh border. When I got home I had to learn more. An area called the Sunderbans with tigers unknown to me. The following year in India I read a book I picked up in a hotel called “The Hungry Tide”. Coincidence? I was hooked!

Research showed it easy to visit from the Indian side. But the more I read the more there was to do in this flat low-lying country of Bangladesh next door. I knew it was a place of flood disaster, but it has so much to offer. And a trip was born.

When you travel a little off the beaten track, you need a knowledgeable enthusiastic agent, and Nijhoom gave me the confidence to visit. Tons of information and hundreds of ideas. It was hard to try and fit them all in but with Hasan’s help we did. He quickly and constantly answered a million questions and queries immediately. I do ask too many! He has amazing patience.

Trip one: 21 days – simply amazing!

A daily discovery of friendly people.

Great food.

The longest beach in the world.

Tea regions.

So much more!

Helen trying to drive a rickshaw while brother Richard giving instructions

This trip came at a time of Hartals – basically transport strikes, and he worked around them and it wasn’t always easy. There were cancellations. All the locals were sorry for the inconvenience and quick to help out and most accommodating. We loved the trip but missed a few things along the way and well some things were so good we had to do them again.

The rocket steamer oh………how I love that boat!

Which is how we got to Trip 2 – another three weeks just 2 years later!

If you’ve enjoyed my diary, you can read the next part of it here: Diary of my first 03 weeks trip to Bangladesh (Part – II). Consider sharing the story on social media so that more travelers can know about this amazing country which is little known to everyone. Enjoy!

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