Diary of my first 03 weeks trip to Bangladesh (Part – II)

Dec 12th, 2013: Dhaka

Leaving UK via Dubai arriving Dec 12th – 6.5 hours to Dubai, 04 hours stopover is OK, and onward 4.5 hours to Dhaka. Nothing can prepare you for this city, though we have a nice roomy apartment in a nice area. There are a few political problems and the government has hanged a war criminal today! To bed – after ordering breakfast of course.

Dec 13th, 2013: Dhaka

Breakfast – well its local parathas and vegetable curry which is quite hot so mind the green chilies. It comes in a plastic bag and omelets which are wrapped in newspaper. It’s OK. There are no trains today as the main signal box was set on fire – so things are looking up for this trip. Warm and overcast. Noisy dusty traffic fumes, awful traffic jams – rickshaws, some electrified drive so fast, but it’s quick at times to walk all the same.

Star Masque in Old Dhaka

Richard heads off with his new rail friend, we do a city tour. Earthquakes and cyclones have destroyed over the years a lot of the important places which are in old Dhaka. You really need to experience this place, especially the smells. The drains are awful and at the end of our sightseeing, we take an hour trip on the river. It is amazing and interesting, but OMG the smell – it’s foul-black inky and just awful.

We head back to the Apartment – meet with Richard and walk to a local recommended eatery. It’s OK with a Chinese influence and its good food which we enjoy. Mock-tails are 03 layers – Fanta orange – Coke and Sprite – how do they do this?

A narrow street in Old Dhaka

Dec 14th, 2013: Sonargaon

Richard goes off. We have a trip to Sonargaron the old capital – a really delightful day out. The guide is great and very helpful. We also visit a gorgeous 15th-century old brick mosque, Goaldi Mosque. Then an abandoned Hindu city – Panam Nagar. It has a romantic air about it. We are popular with the local school children practicing on the main playing field. Try some lovely round samosas like pastries.

A building on abandoned merchant city Panam Nagar

We take a break at the apartment – meeting up with Richard. He seems to have had quite a way with the local rails fans in town, and are apparently a nightmare and next to useless – get in the way and have been duly reprimanded and sent home!

If you’ve missed the first part of my diary, you can read it here: Diary of my first 03 weeks trip to Bangladesh (Part – I). Also can read the next part here: Diary of my first 03 weeks trip to Bangladesh (Part – III). Consider sharing the story on social media so that more travelers can know about this amazing country which is little known to everyone. Enjoy!

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