Photo of Bangladesh: A Day on a river island near Dhaka

For us, it was the first time to go to Bangladesh, and we traveled there at end of December 2015 and the beginning of January 2016. We were both positively surprised about this beautiful country, Bangladesh has such a lot to offer. The people in Bangladesh are very friendly and they like to see tourists. Although Bangladesh is for this moment, not a real tourist spot, we recommend this place to everybody who is adventurous and like to travel to a country with good food, friendly people, and beautiful nature. Bangladesh is in all aspects different from all other countries.

During our stay, we visited a river island near Dhaka for part of a day tour. Here are few photos of the island and the river. Please don’t forget to write your opinion about them in the comments. You can check out many of the other beautiful photos we have taken during our visit to Bangladesh on Simon Roozendaal or Alistair McKinley site. Enjoy!

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